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Server crashes and compensations

The week was rough for ganymede ... We suffered several server crashes, and you lost a few hours of play, and it can not continue!


More powerful machines, and a pass of optimizations, for more and more players


We decided to ramp up on hosting, to guarantee maximum stability!

In addition, we are doing performance tests on the emulator to maximize the load of data stored by the server.


A weekend of compensation !


You know that it affects us when your gaming experience is altered .. So we decided to give you a bonus pack for a period of two days!

This bonus is effective from Friday at 23:59 and will be effective until Sunday at the same time, it allows you to earn + 50% on current rates!

In addition to this bonus pack, we decided to double drop rates and gain experience during the same period!


We apologize for the inconvenience, and know that we are doing our best to resolve these concerns as soon as possible!

Dreimus | Administrateur