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06.19.19 Update

    The latest changes brought to Ganymede brings us to version 1.29.4! Please use the uplauncher to update your game properly
    Added a new server status "En démarrage", which means "Booting" so you know if anything went wrong or not after a reboot
    Fixed bonus stars display

Breeding (new)
    Mounts are finally live! We made some adjustments compared to what you may be used to
        • Public paddocks work the same as private ones, which means you are the only one who can see what's inside of it
    Public paddock
        • Learning progress is decreased by 30% compared to private paddocks
        • 4 breeding items max per paddock
        • you cannot train more than 2 mounts at a time
        • 40 mounts in breeders' quarter storage at most
    Private paddock
        • No changes
    Gestation periods are reduced within the 2-24 hours range

Item Recycler (new)
    New feature which is accessible through the Crusher
        • Works the same as crushing equipments
        • Gives 40% of the craft ressources from the item instead of runes

Bunch of keys (new)
    Added in-game
        • Entrance recharges every 4 days

    Back to 1.29 system to fix a bug, results in a job reset
        • Job rate is doubled for a week

    Manual overhaul, only a selection of items are left:
        86 Necklaces
        102 Rings
        30 Bows
        38 Wands
        80 Boots
        52 Staffs
        76 Capes
        77 Belts
        116 Hats
        29 Daggers
        2 Scythes
        28 Axes
        25 Hammers
        20 Shovels
    Due to this modification, we deleted every equipment that is not from the list, crafted or obtained from a quest

        • Added Summon Arakne spell
        • Fixed multiple bugs that occured when a Pandawa would carry another character
        • Mistake now steals strenght properly
        • Fixed a bug with Vitality

        • Monsters level and base experience granted in fight have been revamped
        • Modified some monster stats
        • AI cannot be locked by static units anymore
    Holy Bambooto
        • Fixed spawn rate
        • Does not summon a tree anymore
        • Should now hit in their respective element
    Fourbasse (Bush type monster in Moon)
        • Fixed spells
        • Fixed its furor (now boosts its damage properly)

    • Creating a guild deletes the Guildalogem properly
    • Fixed experience granted by members
    • Perceptors experience should now appear in your contribution when you harvest one
    • Fixed Perceptors damage per guild level gain

    • Oshimo now sells Eniripsa Powder
    • Bouwada now teaches you Shield Forging

Dungeons, maps and areas
    • Reduced Ancestral Treechnid/Soft Oak dungeon length
    • Fixed monsters level in Astrub Creeks
    • Added missing monsters in some areas (Corbac, Litneg,..)
    • Deleted monsters in some areas (Bonta/Brak Towers, Porcos mine,...)
        and some maps: 7704, 8307, 8312, 8323, 8362, 8366, 8523, 8525, 8761, 9228, 9229, 9230, 10227, 10228, 10229
    • Fixed Pandala town monsters
    • Cannot enter Cania's Mercenary building unless you are one
    • Brak forgemagus workshop is now open
    • Added multiple hidden maps

    • New confirmation message when using a Crusher
    • Fixed a refresh bug whenever one would open a magic fragment(runes)
    • Fixed a bug where 2 players could glitch into each other during fight preparation
    • Fixed a bug whenever 2 players would join a fight at the same time
    • Fixed an interaction (Sacrifice/Carried player)
    • Fixed Hammer Ican
    • Emotes have been retired from players, we will add their in-game obtention shortly
    • Fixed a bug regarding account connection

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